The joining link between motorcycles and skis


SnowX is an alternative to ski and snowboard that lets participants come down a racetrack, combining traditional skiing technique with motorcycle style. SnowX is a fun way to ride snowy surfaces safely, even for those who are less familiar with ski and snowboard.

"Half bike, half snowboard: it’s the snowcross, or snowX, the latest trend for fun on the racetracks, a masterpiece signed by AGM Design."


The driving style is motorcycle: you raise and lower your foot to put pressure on the external part of the board, but you ride standing like motocross. SnowX is easy to use and to control even for those who have never skied.
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A structure composed of oversized and high-resistance pipe frames and a unique Ergal piston rod-junction system, with a real steering handlebar assembled on a snowboard; all this for the incredible weight of 6.8 Kg. The technology combines ski, motard, and motocross, with total arm-control on the limber and the back end. Riders can calmly follow the curve or reverse the steering, thanks to our patented system that twists the board.


Support is guaranteed in all conditions: the stainless steel platform simplifies making curves, and you’ll easily recover after jumps in bordercross racetracks.
It’s not necessary to be a skier or snowboarder: the driving technique is similar to that of motorcycles, and you can take the first steps towards learning the technique with informative courses held in several Italian sites that teach this sport.
The particular SnowX driving technique is fun even for beginners on gentle slopes. However, the adjustable setup and the possibility to equip with different boards and personalized elements give advanced riders the opportunity to develop their unique SnowX Style.
SnowX dettaglio