Riding a bicycle without hands


It was summer and we were poolside, discussing (somewhat jokingly) what freedom meant to us; then, someone asked:
""...yes, but what’s your definition of freedom?".
Danilo, one of those present, replied: "To ride a bicycle without hands,"
and he opened his arms while answering, as if to imitate a bird in flight.
This image was so exact that it deserved reflection…
strange bikes 3dom freedom
strange bikes 3dom freedom
My name is Angelo Mattellini and I’m the AGM Design’s project-manager. In 1983, during winter, I created the trial bicycle (innovative then) that Danilo Mattellini (the same from the anecdote, my brother and associate) took to the Italian bike championship in 1984. A lot has changed since then: today we use more computers and fewer pencils to imagine our products, but I continue, as I always have, to interpret an idea, to turn it into a project and to produce the object, which allows one to ride a bicycle as if miming the flight of birds. And do this while pushing a stroller, playing the guitar or piloting a drone.

(Angelo Mattellini - Project Manager AGM Design)

"The product is spelled 3DOM, but in the name is inevitably freedom, as in freedom from the handlebar, after 200 years since the invention of the first bike."


3DOM, one of the most widespread “strange bikes”, is a three-wheeled bike that is ridden with the body and that won the “Best in Show” award at the European Excellence in Handicrafts Biennial in Lyon in October 2014. It received the Confartigianato Design Awards "Feeding the future: traditional energies” in June 2015, showing in the Italy Pavilion at EXPO 2015.
strange bikes


The secret behind this innovative vehicle “is simply centre of gravity”, say the two brothers. An advanced design for a very simply way of working: “You don’t need to understand how it works first, all you have to do is try it, and in a few minutes, you’ll be in love”.
(Corriere della Sera)
"The new bike without handlebars, christened “3DOM” (acronym of Free Driving Over Milan) and designed by two Italians, Danilo and Angelo Mattellini, from Bergamo’s team “AGM Design”, is a sort of tricycle with one large rear wheel and two smaller front tires. Its operating mechanism is not based on any kind of advanced technology and is quite easy to understand; in order to drive the vehicle, it is enough to simply move your head and gaze in the desired direction, exploiting the body's center of mass."