Technical Features
It does not have any handlebars so you just drive it by moving slightly your body. When you pedal, your hands are free to carry different objects, boxes, or pilot a drone, play an instrument, bring your dog on a leash, take photos or make a video, hold an ice cream or do whatever you can possibly imagine. You will get an impression of taking a regular walk, remaining though on a bicycle’s seat: a kind of a feeling you may find bewildering at first but once you become familiar with this extraordinary vehicle, the sensation you will get will be marvellous.
3dom freedom


The steering system of this three-wheeled bicycle is based on the position of the vertical axis in relation to the axis of the wheels. Its complex structure is composed of a front axle and a push-pull lever system; designing it was a great challenge since we had to combine two concepts that happen to be quite contradictory – stability and manageability. In order for the front wheels to function properly and have the right flexibility, we had to come up with a specific design and create special hubs using a CNC system. The lightweight hubs, with their one-piece support arms made entirely of aeronautic aluminium, ensure the perfect balance.
3dom freedom


Since 3DOM is a hand-free tricycle with no handlebars, its braking system, which is fairly common in northern Europe, consists simply in pedalling backwards. Considering the destination of this vehicle and the moderate speed it can reach, we have decided to equip the rear wheel with just one brake. In this way, we have avoided adding unnecessary components, such as cables, levers and front-wheel brakes that would seriously compromise the structure’s essential design. The frame of 3DOM is a result of an innovative technological approach: made up of flat, straight-lined components instead of tubular ones and using different materials in order to point out the distinctive features of each of them, its construction relies on the use of screws and joints and not welding. Among the most outstanding components we have used, there is the layered bamboo wood – hard, sophisticated and ecological material.
3dom freedom
This frame is designed to be easily customizable. As an example, the chain, which is placed on the outer side of the frame, can be easily removed and replaced with a tensioning belt, without having to be dismantled. The motion system of the pedals lies in a special flange made of aeronautic aluminum 7075 T6 and manufactured with the use of a CNC system.

The flange serves also as a spacer for the wooden parts of the frame. The components of the motion system are made of mirror-polished aluminum and the pedals are made of polycarbonate, which makes them both lightweight and robust.
3dom freedom


Another peculiarity of the 3DOM’s frame is that its seat tube acts as an important constructional element, which minimizes the overall weight of the vehicle.

Since riding and steering this bizarre bicycle consists essentially in balancing your body and inclining the frame using your body’s center of mass, the seat becomes a sort of a steering system, like handlebars in a traditional bicycle. That is why the height-adjustable anti-slip seat is like a cradle for the cyclist – comfortable and safe. Additionally, it is equipped with a built-in front handle, which will allow you to move easily your bicycle or hold yourself while riding.