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All The Pole poles for pole dance are covered with GeckoGrip™: a particular finish that gives the pole exceptional grip and exponentially improves adhesion to skin. Our models avoid the exposure of skin to allergic substances, such as nickel, which is contained in many traditional stainless steel poles for dance pole.

In addition, we offer accessories to increase installation safety. These accessories include special ceiling plates (in case you need to transport the system often), and stabilization devices for enhanced stability and safety.

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Pressure Pole

Installed in seconds without drilling, easy to assemble, safe to use, and easy on the eyes. Static or Spinning, with or without inserts, 40 mm or 45 mm diameter.

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Pole Dancing Podium

The lightest platform in the world, the fastest to assemble and the most customizable. Ready with a quick installation, they are stable to use and light to transport.

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Accessories and
Special Components

From adapters for sloping ceilings to platform stabilizers for enhanced security. Customize your product.
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“A pole is just…a pole" is a phrase you might hear from those who have never tried The Pole poles for pole dance. Our poles have an almost magical grip, are light and easy to transport to exhibitions and competitions, and have many different and unique aesthetic options.

"For those who don’t just practice a sport, but strive for perfection, overcoming any limitations."

Our poles for pole dance are designed and tested by top professionals, with an entirely Italian-made production process that uses certified materials and eco-responsible processes.
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Certified products, custom-made, and 100% made in Italy.


The Pole poles for pole dance components are made with precision in each stage of their production. The process is 100% Italian, which means superb attention to detail, high quality material choice, and quick customer service. Thanks to advanced production technology, we develop custom-made products at the mass-market price.

Our poles for pole dance are available in two refined finishes: glossy-white and glossy-black, and are covered with a particular GeckoGrip™ finish, which gives users an extraordinary grip and results in a captivating overall appearance. Also, it’s possible to combine Gara Pro PoleHive™ platforms, with our special UltraGrip2™ accessory poles, available in black, for superior grip: our innovative velvet cover guarantees exceptional grip!

Pole dance poles, platforms and accessories.


In our product line dedicated to Pole Dance you can find a series of solutions, suitable for every situation: from home fitness to sport center or gym equipment, to use in circuses or in nightclubs.

Choose the product that best suits your needs and customize it with the accessories that you prefer. Among our products you can find static or spinning poles, with or without joints, from 40 to 45 mm diameter; super-light pole dance platforms which are quick and easy to assemble as well as durable and customizable, and many accessories that will help to improve the product’s performance in professional use or for those who will use it in places and conditions where normal pole dance poles cannot be installed.

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